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If your best friend from childhood showed up at your door and gave you a mix tape of your favorite rock jams over the past four decades, then you would know what you were about to experience at your first Social Call show.

Social Call is a touring, high energy “reminiscent rock” band from Eastern Pennsylvania.

*You will hear songs from your favorite LP’s from your parent’s record collection.

*Songs that you sang along with at your first arena rock concert.

*Songs that relaxed you when you were stressing about that dreaded Y2K computer bug thingy.

*Songs that introduced you to Napster (shhh… don’t tell Lars).

*Songs on your favorite present day streaming playlist.

You will hear all your favorites and a few you forgot that you loved so much at a Social Call show.


And as an added bonus, after just one show… you will become part of the Social Call family. (But the kind of family you actually look forward to seeing after a long work week or on a special occasion…lol)


There is only one rule at a Social Call show… when they shout “1,2,3…” you must raise your drink and yell “SOCIAL!!!” and toast old friends, new friends, and the greatest rock music from the past four decades.

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